3M – Measure and Monitor to Manage

  • The two main pillars of sustainable energy consumption are energy efficiency and renewable energy use. In the context of civil and mechanical engineering, these pillars are deeply rooted in the foundations of energy policy. In case that these industries are solitary based on the two narrow terms, construction and installation, they bear a huge responsibility to reduce their contribution to the current energy crisis and to minimise the risks of growing cost portfolios in the context of energy-aware construction. Energy efficiency is a global issue and it cannot be solved by unilateral approaches. It is a multidisciplinary challenge, combining several issues related to technique and technology, social impact and common sense, environmental protection and ecology. The smart solutions for energy efficiency management should bring into harmony resource- use efficiency (inputs) with cost effectiveness (economy), users’ comfort and satisfaction (social issues), and environmental protection. This calls for an alignment of goals, strategy, and metrics. This simultaneously requires the creation of3Mapproach: measurement – metrics framework (including common technical solutions) and monitoring by setting up key performance indicators (based on available and reliable information). Reliable information is essential for evaluation and decision making. Statistically acquired data, based on technical and economic performance, should embrace energy efficiency considerations, finally contributing to the sound energy management. 3M tools should bring coherent comparability of the achievements between various interventions and energy efficiency applications in building stock and else.
  • Keywords
    sustainability, energy efficiency, monitoring, environmental protection
  • Pages
    121 - 130
  • Submitted
  • Revised
  • Accepted
    0350-218X, 38 (2012), 2, 121-130
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