Current problems in construction and exploitation of fluidized bed boilers in power plant Siersza, Poland

  • RAFAKO S. A. is one of the leading boiler’s company on Polish market. It is the biggest Polish boiler company on Polish market. One of its activity is designing, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of circulating fluidised bed boilers. In 1998 RAFAKO S. A. has signed a contract for power retrofit in Power Plant Siersza. Retrofit consists of disassembly of two pulverised coal boilers and replacing them with two circulating fluidised bed boilers - each of them assisted to in crease electrical power of unit up to 153 MW. These two conbustion fluidized bed boilers have to be located on the place of two old former units. First unit has successfully passed trial run at the end of June 2001. Second unit is under commissioning and optimisation run. Apart from power retrofit both units has to fulfill emission limits for flue gases to atmosphere. Contract conditions states that boiler supplier has to utilize existing boiler steel supporting structure to maximum possible extend. In this contract RAFAKO S. A. is responsible for boilers delivery and their auxiliaries. These two units are the first drum conbustion fluidized bed boilers in Poland designed for sliding pressure operation. High steam parameters required application of high alloy steel tubes for last stages of live and reheat steam super heaters. RAFAKO S. A. delivered also the regenerative air heater at first time. In the designing process were applied all RAFAKO S. A. experiences from so far commissioned boilers, taking into consideration special properties of Polish bituminous coals.
  • Keywords
    fluidized bed boiler, boiler, retrofit, drum, sliding pressure, regenarative air heater
  • Pages
    107 - 118
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 29 (2003), 1-4, 107-118
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