Analysis of Using Biomass in Hotel „Termag“ on Jahorina

  • Hotels represent significant energy consumers, so there is growing interest in application of alternate energy sources in that sector. During winter tourist season, hotels have intense demand for het, which is mostly gained from fossil fuels. Existing HVC installation of the analyzed object are conventional: heat for all purposes (radiator and floor heating, ventilation, sanitary hot water, swimming pool water) is provided by central boiler station with two hot water boilers which use liquid gas (propane-butane), and oil as reserve fuel. In this paper, it is discussed possibility of replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy sources – wood biomass. It is analyzed using of wood logs, pellets, briquettes, and wood chips. As optimal solution, boiler which uses wood chips is proposed. It is shown operation of boiler and accessories. Based on market prices of equipment and energy sources, it is done comparison of fossil fuel system and system which uses wood chips. Payback period for investment in boiler using wood chips (capacity of 800 kW) with all auxiliary equipment, would be 4,5 years.
  • Keywords
    heat, renewable energy sources, substitution of fossil fuels, biomass, hotels
  • Pages
    167 - 174
  • Submitted
  • Revised
  • Accepted
    0350-218X, 38 (2012), 2, 167-174
  • References
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