Pollution distribution from new wet stack on TPP 'Kostolac B'

  • Environmental Impact Assessment of FGD plant operation at TPP 'Kostolac B' is an integral part of technical documentation on Development of Investments, prepared for the Basic Design of the future FGD plant. The Study is developed with a goal to show the current state of the environment in the area of interest, to consider and analyze positive and negative environmental effects resulting from the future construction of FGD plant. The Study also proposes technical and organizational measures aimed at prevention and mitigation of environmental impact of the future plant operation, especially with respect to collection and disposal of solid and liquid waste, soil and groundwater protection, wastewater management etc. In order to determine effects of the future FGD plant on the air quality over the closer and broader area of the TPP 'Kostolac B' appropriate air pollution model has been developed. Analysis has been based on investigation of the effects of different pollutant emissions scenarios from both units of TPP 'Kostolac B' on the air quality in central Serbia.
  • Keywords
    thermal power plant, combustion, coal, modeling, pollution distribution
  • Pages
    177 - 192
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 35 (2009), 2, 177-192
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