Grapho-Analytical Method for Determining Solubility, Boiling Point and Dew Point Temperature in the System HCl-H2O

  • In this paper i have shown diagrams which enable quick solution to practical engineering problems like solubility of HCl in water, boiling, and dew point temperature in the system HCl-H2O. I have also investigated the influence of volume fraction of HCl and water vapour in flue gas to the condensation temperature (dew point) in the system HCl-H2O-N2. At constant value of water vapour fraction in flue gas and at volume fraction HCl of 1-1000 ppm, the increase in dew point temperature is slower, whereas with bigger volume fractions of HCl this increse would be more significant.
  • Keywords
    flue gases, hydrochloric acid, water vapour, dew point temperature
  • Pages
    327 - 335
  • Submitted
  • Revised
  • Accepted
    0350-218X, 38 (2012), 3, 327-335
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