• Slav Slavov, World Energy Council, London, United Kingdom

Integrating Renewables in a Competitive European Energy Market

  • The study “Roadmap Towards a Competitive European Energy Market” has been developed by an international Task Force set up by the World Energy Council, London. The main objectives, among others were (a) to suggest a roadmap towards a competitive electricity market, including renewable energy sources; (b) to formulate the pre-requisites for a successful liberalization of European electricity markets; and (c) to define milestones in order to benchmark the progress towards a single liberalized market including a methodology to boost the non-mature technologies. With the recent financial crisis evolving today into a severe, global economic recession, there are growing doubts over whether energy markets can continue to operate efficiently under present conditions or whether the shift to non-market mechanisms would be a better solution. The primary danger prevailing from this recession is that the European countries might revert to national priority and protectionism which could lead further to the disintegration of Europe. Renewable energy sources are playing an increasing role in power generation and they provide a valuable contribution to Europe's energy security and Europe's sustainable energy development. The recent EU-Energy Climate Package has fixed ambitious targets to integrate renewable energy into Europe's energy mix, and those targets are being constantly encouraged by a number of policy incentives. However, a number of economic and operational problems still exist. Renewables are not yet competitive, and the existing large grids still need to adapt to and ease the access of smaller, decentralized renewable energy sources electricity producers without causing operational failures to the system.
  • Keywords
    energy markets, liberalization, policy incentives, competition, sustainability, models
  • Pages
    229 - 242
  • Submitted
  • Revised
  • Accepted
    0350-218X, 38 (2012), 2, 229-242
  • References
    • ***, Roadmap Towards a Competitive European Energy Market, Published 2010 by the World Energy Council (WEC), London, ISBN: 0 946121 38 9, pp. 1-96
    • ***, http://www.renewableenergyfocus.com
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