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IRIS - International reactor innovative and secure: An integral, medium-size water cooled reactor for near term deployment

  • The International reactor innovative and secure (IRIS) is an advanced integral, light-water cooled reactor of medium generating capacity (335MWe) geared at near term deployment. It has been under development since the turn of the century by an international consortium - led by Westinghouse - that includes 21 organizations from 10 countries, and it is currently in the pre-application licensing process with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This paper describes its most important features, primarily its integral layout (such that steam generators, pumps, pressurizer, and control rod drive mechanisms are all included inside the reactor vessel, together with the core, control rods, and neutron reflector-shield) and the 'safety-by-design' IRIS philosophy. This unique approach, by eliminating accidents at the design stage, or decreasing their consequences/probabilities when outright elimination is not possible, provides a very powerful first level of defense in depth. The 'safety-by-design' allows a significant reduction and simplification of the passive safety systems, which not only improves the safety but simultaneously reduces the overall cost. Licensing the power plant without the need for off-site emergency response planning-an objective being discussed with NRC and pursued in collaboration with IAEA-would allow IRIS to be treated as any other industrial facility, located closer to population centers, and enable its effective dual-purpose use for electricity production and co-generation (district heating, desalination industrial steam). The performed top-down economic analysis indicates that the cost of generated electricity is competitive with other nuclear and non-nuclear power plants. With its moderate size, IRIS provides the ability to gradually add generating capacity according to market needs, at the same time reducing the financial burden, thus, IRIS is particularly well suited for markets with limited investment capital.
  • Keywords
    IRIS, integral reactor, modular, enhanced safety, economics
  • Pages
    75 - 89
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 32 (2006), 1-4, 75-89
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