Selection of optimal technical solution for flue gas desulphurisation plant on TPP 'Kostolac B'

  • According to own orientation for domestic power plants to fulfill requirements of the EU Directives for environmental protection, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia was started process of designing flue gas desulphurization (FGD) facilities for reduction emissions of sulphur oxides. Toward conclusions of Study: 'Optimal Direction for Reduction of Sulphur Oxides Emissions from Thermal Power Plants of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia' TPP Kostolac B was chosen as the first power plant for construction of this type of facility. Development of technical documentation is in progress for obtaining construction permit for FGD plant as well as preparation of tender documentation for selection of project consultant for system startup. Due to previously accepted analysis, wet limestone/gypsum process is defined as referential process of desulphurisation. As required FGD plant is introduced as separate system in TPP, and on the other hand as part of the TPP as a whole, design must consider all demands related to coupling the FGD plant with existing processes of TPP, to provide continuous operation for the following period. In this paper are presented: (1) main requirements which introduce initial parameters for FGD plant design, related to demanded quality of sorbent and water, flue gas composition and demanded flue gas desulphurisation efficiency; (2) fundamental characteristics of main systems of FGD plant; (3) possible options for technical solutions of FGD from the point of fitting into available space and coupling with existing systems of TPP, and (4) suggestion for optimal solution of FGD from the aspect of functionality and reliability, investment, and operative costs.
  • Keywords
    desulphurisation, flue gas, power plant
  • Pages
    231 - 249
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 35 (2009), 3-4, 231-249
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