• Kosta Maglić, Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

The Yugoslav Society of Thermal Engineers and the Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers in the period 1962-2009

  • Paper presents history of professional organization of thermal engineers formed in 1962 in the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia as the Yugoslav Society o Thermal Engineers (YSTE). After collapse of the Yugoslav Federation, its basic activities were continued by the Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers (SSTE). The primary objective of the YSTE was to stimulate better relations between research institutes of the Federal Commission for Nuclear Energy and the university educational centers, and to promote studies of heat and mass transfer in the country. Spiritus movens in this initial period was professor Miodrag Novaković, the first YSTE Secretary General and head of Thermal Engineering Laboratory of the 'Boris Kidrič' Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča, Belgrade (the 'Vinča' Institute). During thirty years of operation of YSTE, its eight national symposia were organized by branch societies in different republics, in Serbia (1964), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1965), Croatia (1966), Serbia (1975), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1978), Slovenia (1981), Macedonia (1984), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992). In 1968, the 'Vinča' Institute organized the first YSTE symposium with international participation. Its success has lead to formation of the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT). The first founder of ICHMT, YSTE was soon joined by national professional organizations throughout the World and the UNESCO. From its seat at the 'Vinča' Institute in Belgrade, the ICHMT operated successfully, organizing at Yugoslav coast resorts highly ranked professional meetings from different areas of heat and mass transfer. In 1992, its residence was shifted to Turkey. The YSTE in 1978 organized the 6th European Thermophysical Properties Conference, from which stemmed a successful worldwide program on standardization of thermal properties measurement methods, co-ordinated from the 'Vinca' Institute. In preparation of the YSTE Symposium held in Belgrade in 1975, 'Termotehnika', the first YSTE professional journal was started at the 'Vinča' Institute. Two decades later from the same Center arose 'Thermal Science', an international journal published in English. Both journals have continued their publication to the present time. 'Termotehnika' continued to publish selected papers from the YSTE and SSTE symposia as well as other relevant contributions from the region, and 'Thermal Science' rose to a popular international journal, currently screened by major international Science Citation Index systems. In turbulent nineties, activities of the Society were co-ordinated from the University of Novi Sad. In this period three new YSTA symposia were organized, and a new section on Industrial Energy Engineering was formed. In the coming years the latter will run a series of specialized symposia. In the same period the 'Vinča' Institute initiated a project on regional co-operation in fluidized bed technologies of the South East Europe. The program, co-ordinated in the first years from the 'Vinča' Institute, resulted in a series of regional symposia and agreements. This intensive activity extended from 1997 to 2005, until, in fact, the most of the member countries established their direct links with the EU. At the beginning of 2003, location and management of the Society was transferred to Belgrade, changing its name in accordance with the name of the host country, firstly Serbia and Montenegro, and from 2007 on, Serbia. The program of the current Governing Board insists on integration and progress of knowledge and expertise of cadres in the country in service of national priorities. These capacities are located predominantly at Universities in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, and Kraljevo, and at the 'Vinča' Institute. Traditional actions currently consist of three series of meetings: the SSTE and the Power Plants symposia, and the regional conferences on Industrial Energy Engineering evolving on yearly or biennial base. The lectures, seminars etc., including publication of books on particular topics supplement them. Overall effects of the YSTE and its successor are summed in the end section.
  • Keywords
    Yugoslav Society of Thermal Engineers, Serbian Society of Thermal Engineers, the history of Yugoslav Society of Thermal Engineers
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    181 - 214
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  • UDC
    0350-218X, 36 (2010), 2-3, 181-214
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