The place and role of domestic lignite in European environment

  • Represent the starting basis for planning and realization of energy strategy of a country. World energy market is mainly controlled by multinational capital, but it is also subject to unpredictable impacts of primarily political connotations. European Alliance for Coal Mining (EUROCOAL) supposes and estimates that coal will for a long time be necessary as the factor in energy resources for the needs of electricity generation and it also anticipates increased demand in the forthcoming period. Modernization of existing and application of new technological processes for lignite mining in open cast mining opens the possibility to meet the requirements of European producers of energy resources with feasible quality, which also meet the requirements of Serbian power plants.
  • Keywords
    energy resources, electricity generation, lignite
  • Pages
    55 - 63
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 32 (2006), 1-4, 55-63
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