Methodology for analysis of harmonized district heating and natural gas systems development in our towns

  • More than 40 towns in Serbia, connected to gas net work supply system, also have present district heating systems, which in most cases use natural gas as fuel. Since, building of parallel systems, for supplying the same consumers, is techno-economically unjustifiably and energetically not rational, it is necessary to investigate harmonization of both systems development, with goal to achieve optimal techno-economic effects of such systems. This paper analyses possibilities of harmonized development of gas supply and district heating systems in our towns, considering investment and exploitation costs of both systems.
  • Keywords
    centralized energy supply systems, district heating, gas system supply, efficiency, economy
  • Pages
    49 - 63
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 29 (2003), 1-4, 49-63
  • References
    • *** (2002) Projekat NPEE 406-34A Ministarstva za nauku i zaštitu životne sredine - Istraživanje optimalnog razvoja toplifikacionih i gasovodnih sistema u izabranim gradovima Srbije. Termotehnika, 28, 1-4, str. 97
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