• Aca Marković, Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Department for Electricity Distribution, Serbia
  • Drago Kecman, Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Economic and Financial Department, Serbia

Possible organizational models of electric power industry of Serbian accordance with EU directives

  • Countries of developed market economies are constantly thriving to introduce the market business rules in the sectors that are traditionally monopolistic as all infrastructure systems are, with the aim to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the national economy. Passing EU Directives 96/92/EC and 2003/54/EC is the example of how competition can be introduced in the energy sector, i. e. generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and coal production, as a way to increase economic efficiency of this business. Electric Power Industry of Serbia, starting from January 1, 1992, operates as a public enterprise for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and coal production on the whole territory of Serbia with out any major organizational and other changes. The existing system of high hierarchical centralization has been superseded from organizational and economic point of view. Possible organizational de signs of Electric Power Industry of Serbia are presented in this paper as basis for its gradual transformation.
  • Keywords
    directive, design, management, efficiency, effectiveness, decentralization, tariffs
  • Pages
    23 - 33
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 32 (2006), 1-4, 23-33
  • References
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