• Aliya S. Askarova, Department of Physics, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
  • Evgeni I. Karpenko, Branch Centre of Plasma-Power Technologies of Russian J.S. Co. UPS of Russia, Russian Federation
  • Oleg A. Lavrichshev, Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Research Department of Plasmotechnics, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
  • Vladimir E. Messerle, Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Research Department of Plasmotechnics, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
  • Alexander B. Ustimenko, Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Research Department of Plasmotechnics, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan

Modelling of plasma supported coal combustion in fullscale boiler

  • Plasma activation promotes more effective and environmental friendly low-rank coal combustion. This work presents numerical modeling results of plasma thermo chemical preparation of pulverized coal for ignition and combustion in the furnace of a utility boiler. Two kinetic mathematical models were used in the investigation of the processes of air-fuel mixture plasma activation, ignition, and combustion. A 1-D kinetic code, PLASMA-COAL, calculates the concentrations of species, temperatures, and velocities of treated coal-air mixtures in a burner incorporating a plasma source. It gives initial data for 3-D modeling of power boilers furnaces by the code FLOREAN. A comprehensive image of plasma activated coal combustion processes in a furnace of pulverised coal fired boiler was obtained. The advantages of the plasma technology are clearly demonstrated.
  • Keywords
    coal, plasma-fuel system, furnace, plasma aided combustion, kinetic simulation, three-dimensional modeling
  • Pages
    149 - 162
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 35 (2009), 2, 149-162
  • References
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