• Marina P Jovanović, Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

An estimate of coal blend ashes tendency to the fouling and slogging of boilers heating surfaces

  • Results of investigation of coal blends, originated from different fields of Kolubaras' basin with different coals mass portions in the blends are presented. Laboratorial investigation of three coal samples taken from two fields of Kolubaras' basin, "Tamnava-east field" west part of basin (MA, with higher heating value), "Tamnava-east field" west part of basin (MB, with lower heating value) and "Field D"-east part of basin (MD), were done. Also, an estimate of ash tendency to the slagging by application of base/acid ratio-ash fusion temperature criteria, which is successfully used in characterization of domestic coals, was done. It is also presented that chemical and physical characteristics of coals blend are additive values of coals while tendency of fusibility is not additive value.
  • Keywords
    coal blends, fouling, slagging, ash fusibility
  • Pages
    11 - 24
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 26 (2001), 1-4, 11-24
  • References
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