The prospect of coal as a fuel in the future

  • Security of energy supply is one of the major items of energy policies of all countries. Regardless of the level of development of the country, the energy sector is still among the key industries and overall national economic progress. The certainty of the exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources in the world is that we face. Reserves of oil, coal and natural gas are limited. With the steady increase in demand for energy world-wide, while occurring more and more limiting factors for the development of energy. Taking into account the above, this paper attempts to analyze the position of coal as a fuel in the future.
  • Keywords
    coal as a fuel, coal reserves, coal prices, climate change, CO2
  • Pages
    131 - 141
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  • UDC
    0350-218X, 37 (2011), 1, 131-141
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