Liquefaction of Biomass and Organic Waste by Intermittent Fluid Bed Pyrolysis (IFB Pyrolysis)

  • From economic and technical perspectives it is briefly reviewed how pyrolytic liquefaction is a technology for turning wastes into valuable products. Clean Fuels developed the Intermittent Fluid Bed (IFB) technology by means of which pyrolytic liquefaction be comes efficient and costeffective. A worldwide patent application has been filed. IFB technology is characterised by a phased reactor operation: a productive phase during which the bed’s heat buffering capacity is used, followed by a phase of temperature restoration. The R&D carried out into IFB pyrolysis is described, involving reactor issues such as phase duration, bed solids circulation, manners of reactor temperature restoration, and solid residues removal (char coal, ash). A complete liquefaction plant for biomass, involving the IFB pyrolysis technology, has been designed. The plant design is compared with designs that employ alternative reactor concepts.
  • Keywords
    pyroytic liquefaction, biomass, organic waste, intermittent fluidized bed
  • Pages
    325 - 332
  • Submitted
  • Revised
  • Accepted
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 37 (2011), 3, 325-332
  • References
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