• Branko M. Večerina, Center of Energetics and Maintenance Department of Energetics and Maintenance Company „Duga a. d. Helios Group”, Serbia

Improvement of energy system in 'Duga a.d. Helios Group'

  • The subject of this project is improvement of steam power system in Company 'Duga a. d. Helios Group', with the main target to reduce exploitation of all non-restorable power sources, which will further a big reduction of total costs of natural gas. Large number of activities are resulted in decentralization of too large unique steam power system (10 000 m2 land), which supply 8 heating boiler rooms for 40 buildings. The new optimal energy system is adapted to satisfy all energy heeds in the Company. So, the practical results of project are: - One unique compact energy system is adapted to a several smaller independent, dislocated systems; - The most distant points of steam power system are separated and becam energy independent; - Steam pipeline is reduced more then 1000 m with big reduction of heating loss. All investment was paid back in the firs year and made opportunity for more investment in energy system. So, the financial results of project are: - Total reduction in natural gas consumption 50 000 m3 on annual level (35%); - Total reduction in all energy costs (natural gas, water, electricity...) for about 35%; - Total increase in energy efficiency per tone of all production for about 40%. Energy system improvement is made possibility for continuation further improvements in technical and financial meaning.
  • Keywords
    energy system, improvement, efficiency, save, indicator
  • Pages
    73 - 79
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 35 (2009), 1, 73-79
  • References
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