Increase of Heat Pump Energy Efficiency by Using Gas Engine to Drive the Refrigeration Compressors – Examples from Practice

  • One of the “pure” primary fuel is natural gas whose natural reserves and consumption in the world have shown significant growth at the end of the 20th century. Environmental requirements and the Kyoto Protocol obligations put natural gas in front of the other primary energy sources. Air-conditioning and heat pumps that use the gas engine to drive the refrigeration compressors were made in Japan after the second world oil crisis in year 1973 when the growing electricity needs led to the situation that plants were unable to track the market needs. Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, launched in 1981, made connection between the associations for developing technologies of cooling gas engines that are using natural gas as fuel sources, and manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. As a result, in Japan in year 1987 began production of natural gas driven air conditioners and heat pumps. Electricity consumption is growing year by year due to climate change and growing demand for air conditioning business and residential facilities. Power consumption in our country in the summer is equal to consump tion in the winter because huge number of air conditioners installed.The paper presents the heat pump, a product of AISIN from Japan that is used for air conditioning in the building “ORSIM” in Vrčin. This is the first such installations were carried out in Serbia and is in operation since December 2008. This paper aims to show the advantages of gas-driven heat pump in comparison to heat pumps with refrigerant compressors powered by electric motors.
  • Keywords
    heat pump, refrigeration compressor, gas engine, energy efficiency
  • Pages
    293 - 309
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  • Accepted
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 37 (2011), 3, 293-309
  • References
    • Lazzarin, R., Noro, M., District Heating and Gas Engine Heat Pump: Economic Analysis Based on a Case Study, Appl Thermal Eng., 26 (2006), 2-3, 193-199
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