Rationalization of energy consumption of sugar industry in Republic of Serbia

  • Continuous alteration of sugar price in the world market, due to great surplus of sugar produced from sugar cane, as well as increase of fuel prices has led to continuous increase in energy efficiency of sugar factories that use sugar beet as raw material. European sugar industry has been leader in this area so nowaday's energy consumption of most European sugar plant is under 1 MJ/kg beet. Sugar industry in Serbia did not follow this trend because the closed market during 90's. Reconstruction of existing production capacities following privatization of Serbian sugar industry has led to the considerable savings in energy and energy consumption today is around 1 MJ/kg beet. During revitalization of production capacities mayor changes were done in evaporation plant that is the most important part of sugar production considering energy efficiency. The implementation of pre-evaporation as well established method used in European countries, increased energy efficiency as well as stable production process during the campaign.
  • Keywords
    sugar industry, evaporation plant, energy efficiency
  • Pages
    29 - 35
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 35 (2009), 1, 29-35
  • References
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