Prevention of climate changes beyond the year 2012

  • The world is experiencing serious challenge of climate changes significantly influenced by the energy sector. Existing strategies of energy and transportation sectors development foresee growth instead of necessary reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses that cause mentioned changes. Contrary to existence of possible doubts and uncertainties related to climate changes in 1992, when United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes is adopted, and even in 1997, when Kyoto Protocol is formulated, today, its' more than ever obvious presence around the world made the necessity of serious response to this challenge unquestionable. Being aware of the fact that the global consensus on the measures related to global warming is required for the post Kyoto period, world leaders are going to meet at the end of this year in Copenhagen in order to formulate new measures that should be applied beyond 2012. This paper illustrates the challenges related to this event.
  • Keywords
    climate changes, energy, greenhouse gases, Kyoto protocol
  • Pages
    1 - 9
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  • Accepted
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 36 (2010), 1, 1-9
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