• Radomir Naumov, Ministarstvo rudarstva i energetike Republike Srbije, Beograd, Serbia

Energy sector development strategy of the Republic of Serbia up to 2015 year: About Serbian energy strategy

  • On the Third session of the First regularly Session, on the May 23, Parliament the Republic of Serbia approved the Document “Energy Sector Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia up to 2015 year”, submitted in accordance with Article 5 of the Serbian Energy Law. In its broader sense, the Strategy represents a coherent vision of de sir able and possible development of the whole energy sys tem (supply and demand side) of the Republic of Serbia, based on the idea of a gradual adjustment the energy production sub-sectors development with current state and future energy's devices within energy consumption sectors. The main criterion of such adjustment is based on the achievements of the following objectives: Basic (in seams of the security of the energy supply and efficient production and end-use), Specific (in sense of the improvements energy production technologies and operational performances the environment protection) and Strategic energy sub sectors development (in the sense of the positive effects on the national economy redevelopment and the sector participation on the energy markets), as promoted by the new Serbian Energy Policy. The choice of Priority programs for visible energy system redevelopment, is based on detailed analysis of the country and sub-section possibilities, constrains and real potentials for qualitative changes of the key performance indicators in both, energy supply and energy consumption sectors. The influence of the specific on strains which arise from the slow down in recovering of the national economy, availability of energy sources and especially state of the art of all technology in both, energy production sub-sectors and in industrial branches products production. The dynamics of qualitative changes in the whole energy system depends on the possibilities for permanent improvements of the main macro-economics parameters and energy indicators, during implementing the first three Priority programmes within the whole Serbian energy system, including the energy intensive activities. In accordance with the current and expected macro-economic parameters and demographic indicators of the Serbia (scenario with out the territory of Kosovo and Metohija) the projections of the energy demand for main energy services within all consumption sectors until 2015, for two macro economics scenario are established. In compliance with forecasted energy demand (by sectors and energy carriers), the five basic Priority programs are specified. The Priority differs in content but they are complementary from the stand point of the positive effects of the new Serbian energy policy on the achievement a conditions for country sustain able socio-economic development. In order to provide the ambient for realization all selected Priority Programs, on the right time and on the cost-effective way, the needs for establishing the new Instruments and Measures have been elaborated and proposed in order to ensure that all objects, promoted by the Energy Sector Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until 2015, will be achieved. These instruments will be established according a new legislation and institutional frame work for energy sub-sectors managements and operations; within a reorganized the current organizational structure of energy public enterprises, in order to provide the conditions for economically justified cost operations and financial-sustainable energy sub-sectors redevelopment and operation under a new rule on the free-liberalized energy markets. Be sides the general energy sub-sectors and services Instruments, there are specific program oriented Instruments such as Detailed Programs and Action Plan for rational energy use and improvements of energy efficiency, Programs and Action Plan for selective use of a new renewable energy sources, Programs of the measures for environment protection from energy sources, Programs for energy oriented scientific research and new technologies development and the Programs for a new energy oriented graduate and post graduate educations, including establishing the system Instruments, like modern systems for energy statistics and Centers (Institute) for energy study, which will on the professional legitimacy will supports the preparation the Priority programmes within Serbian Energy Sector Development Strategy. In compliance with the Energy Law, the Ministry of Mining and Energy with local and regional authority and energy public companies are obliged to prepare detailed Programmes for realization of the Strategy Priority for each energy production sub-sector, for the next 6 year.
  • Keywords
    strategija, razvoj, energetika, Republika Srbija, 2015
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    3 - 70
    0350-218X, 31 (2005), 1-2, 3-70
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