• Bojan Kovačić, Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Serbia (SEEA), Serbia

Role and activities of the Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency

  • Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency (SEEA) was formed due to strategical need of Serbia to enhance the conditions and measures for rational use of energy. SEEA established 2002 within reforms process of energy sector and its work has been sup ported by the Eurupean Union, through the European Agency for Reconstruction (under the CARDS program). Proposing estimative measures aiming an improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of importance of the energy efficiency, also con duct with energy efficiency programs and projects, SEEA contributes to enhance social responsibility concerning the energy in all structure of the society. Thus energy efficiency indicators in Serbia makes a progress and contribute to effectiveness of national energy system and energy security.
  • Keywords
    energy efficiency, Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency, sustainable development
  • Pages
    117 - 132
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 34 (2008), 2-3, 117-132
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