Impact of reclaimers working technology on coal homogenization efficiency

  • Efficiency of coal homogenization is directly dependent of available mechanization and its work. Beside mechanization for coal exploitation and transport mechanization for coal stacking and reclaiming from stock-yard plays big role in efficiency of homogenization process. Mechanization work for stacking and reclaiming effect on homogenization efficiency, in quantity and quality. Process of homogenization could be planned only if system is equipped with enough number of unit of known properties. Description and realization efficiency of homogenization on coal stock-yard is shown in the paper.
  • Keywords
    coal homogenization, Kolubara coal basin, stock-yard, reclaimer, stacker
  • Pages
    45 - 53
  • UDC
    0350-218X, 33 (2007), 1-4, 45-53
  • References
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